Review: Fountain of Drowned Memories

The moment that I realized that Erik Hofstatter had released a short story, I found myself extremely excited. I have read some of his previous works, The Pariahs, and Moribund Tales, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend. I had really high hopes for his latest work, Fountain of Drowned Memories and I was not disappointed, in fact I’ve actually read it four times since my initial read through.

From the moment that you start reading, it is clear that there is something wrong. It opens with the main character, Lorcan, a name that is unusual and that I love it. He finds himself staring stains, scared because they seem to be watching him and he has no idea where they came from, in fact, Lorcan doesn’t know much about anything.

Erik does an amazing job at keeping the reader guessing about what is really going on. Has this poor old man been captured? Tortured and forced to be in a small, dingy cell? Is it something more sinister or is it something completely unknown? Or is it something easily explained?

Well, I’m not going to tell you, I want you to read it and see for yourself!

I will tell you, that I am a very picky reader, but I absolutely loved Fountain of Drowned Memories. I managed to figured out what was really happening about ¾ of the way through, and even then it didn’t take away any of the enjoyment.

Without giving anything away, I loved the way that Erik was able to convey what people who deal with what Lorcan is going through, through his own eyes, putting a new perspective on the issue that people never really discuss.

Also, a quick side note, I love how Erik wrote Lorcan’s accent into the story, I could almost hear it in my head as I read an it added to the story’s emersion.

If you have a little free time, I highly recommend that you read it and check out his other works. I’ll add links to both below.


Happy Reading,

Canada’s Bookworm.


Fountain of Drowned Memories

Other Works


Be sure to follow Erik on his Twitter, website and Facebook for more!


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