Feeding my Addiction

The first step in overcoming an addiction, is admitting you have a problem. Well, contrary to my mother’s belief, I don’t have a problem, I am just a bookworm.

If you’re reading my blog, you’ll know that I’ve challenged myself to read 100 books, that I had never read, in one year. Well, I’ve always been a reader, and I’m always up for a challenge. Initially, when I made the decision to do this challenge, I posted on my personal Facebook, asking friends and relatives for suggestions.

Boy, were there ever suggestions. From the ridiculous (Rainbow Fish and Clifford) to books that I had been wanting to read anyway (Goldfinch for one), I have plenty of book suggestions to last me a while.

16111907_1354673531252297_795485771_nMy aunt had seen my status and asked if I wanted a box of books that she had lying around, the majority of which were Robert Ludlum novels. How could I say no?  So here I am now with 21 additional books that I could potentially use for my challenge. I was ecstatic. My mother on the other hand, wasn’t so pleased.

Why you ask? Well, probably because I have around 150-200 books in boxes in my closet, 100 in our garage loft and 50 on my bookshelf. Let’s just say, she was very happy when I moved on to e-books. My room has always been a mess, why? My books, I don’t have nearly enough shelves for them all and just started piling them up wherever I could.

I normally have a book with me everywhere I go, and more often than not I’m even reading during meals. For years this also was a sore point for my mother, but now that she’s on her phone during meals this is less of an issue. Of course these days, the books I usually have on hand are now e-books. I still much prefer a book in hand.

Sure, e-books are great, I love being able to have hundreds of books on me at all times, but there’s just something about having a physical book. For me, I love the smell of a book, old or new is the best smell, and the feel of a page and the sound of the page turning, is the best.

This may seem weird, but my absolute favourite thing about having a physical book however is the size. The bigger the book, the happier I am. Why? Well its simple. I can follow my progress based on the size. When you start a book, the right side of the book seems to be huge, the more you read it, the smaller the right side gets and the bigger the left gets. I’m not exactly sure why I love this so much, but it gives me a lot of satisfaction to see the left become bigger and the right smaller.

Even though I have a book as an e-book, I’m still going to make sure I have a hard copy. Eventually, I’d like to have my own library in my future apartment/house.

Books could definitely be considered an addiction, but it’s one that I’m proud of.


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